Our mission is help people lawfully grow the 4 Cannabis plants they are entitled to grow under the Law of Canada. We do not sell Cannabis, we simply help you grow the largest plants that will produce a large yield of high quality Cannabis for your personal use.

Using our system of growing Cannabis, you will not only get a financially beneficial yield, you will also experience a happy glow associated with growing your own supply.

Our 4 plants that we grew this past summer, the ones in the photograph, has produced over 4lbs of consumable Cannabis. Our mission is to help you do the same and save a lot of money versus buying from the local Cannabis stores.

Read on to find out how we can help you.

Why Grow Cannabis at Home?

My plants this season are twice as healthy and substantial as last season, entirely because of the 4Plants.ca Grow Specialist who tended to them.

Anthony G – happy customer


Seed to Sapling

Once you have legally acquired your Marijuana seeds, 4Plants.ca will help ensure you have set up your growing area in the best way to get your first saplings above the soil line. From there, we will help you get your 4 plants to grow as tall and bushy as we can get them before harvest.

Grow Management

Using our proven techniques, 4Plants.ca staff offers you ongoing growth advise and management. With a bit of help, your plants will produce a huge harvest that will give you the outcome you are looking for.

Special Care

4Plants.ca can offer you extensive hands on special care for your plants. We can visit as often as required to ensure the 4 plants are thriving and growing, making adjustments to water, placement and food that may be needed to get that incredible harvest at the end of the growing season.

Harvest Time

With the help and advice of your 4Plants.ca Grow Specialist, you will get your 4 plants harvested and cured to an optimal level. We will show you how to harvest the plants, cure them and store the output in a safe manner that will preserve your harvest until you are ready to enjoy your plants.